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BConnect Club a club for our UHNW members and Family Offices to connect with our exclusive investment deals, products and services.


Products and services, tailored to our discerning private clients.

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Professional Information

Presenting relevant information required by this small, elite community. 

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Deal Flow

Finding high quality deals and projects for  enterprising private clients. 

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Corporate Members

Promote the your unique brand, connect with your network and meet prospective clients.

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Individual Advisors

Promote what you do for your clients, connect with your network and meet prospective clients.

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Club Events

Making exclusive connections between buyers and sellers at enjoyable events.

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Luxury is about feeling good - that special something, it is about quality, you can see it, touch it , feel it - it is about finding something which is exclusive for you.

But luxury is not just about buying things - it is about being getting immersed in an experience, a warm embrace, where you are made to feel welcome - a place and with people where you belong. Luxury is about a culture; a culture of care - caring for you,

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Professional Information

'Knowledge is power' the power to distinguish what is real from what is fake, who is helping and who is hindering, what to address and what to avoid, who to listen to and who to leave alone. 

Knowledge is the distillation of information into ideas or understandings so that you can take effective action to achieve your goals. Whatever are your goals - knowledge is your key to success.

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Deal Flow

'Deal Flow' is king - businesses need backers, entrepreneurs energy, enterprises equity, properties principals, money needs to move, and profits need to be realised.

If you are crystal clear as to what you want to achieve and one hundred per cent committed to getting there, you need deal flow to make it happen. If you are fed up with flunkies, irritated by irksome product pushers, want to cut to the chase -  get excited about direct investment - find the investment opportunities where you can deal direct  you need to dig into deal flow.


Corporate Members

Our Corporate Members is proud to serve you. Each has a unique brand - a style, a voice and an image to speak exclusively to you. They are in business, whether to introduce you to new investment opportunities, share with you their experience, knowledge and wisdom, or make you feel fabulous.

We know you have opportunities, issues and concerns unique to your needs and circumstances. Our Corporate Members are here for you, - to find new projects in which to invest, relevant information to address your unique situation and something to make you feel special.

Join as a Corporate Member with our Special Introductory Corporate Member profile for  £100 a month which includes one month FREE.

Each Individual Advisor will have their own address book to load up their own private, secure, address book of contacts and clients to keep connected 24/7.

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Individual Advisors

Our Individual Advisors are the people behind the brand, the face with whom you become familiar, a name to know, an adviser to ask and a person with whom you can relate.

We know that you often struggle to find an adviser you can trust. Recommendations are not always reliable. You want to find for yourself who is saying what, does it chime with your circumstances or miss the mark?  You want to observe who is following, sharing and liking your posts -  you want to build trust - before you commit, without expense and without wasting time. Choosing the right adviser may to be the best thing you ever do.

Join as a Corporate Member for £100 a month and you will get FIVE individual profiles. 

Each Individual Advisor will have their own address book to load up their own private, secure, address book of contacts and clients to keep connected 24/7.

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Club Events for UHNW members

Meeting is about people and making meaningful relationships; sharing the traps which tripped you up, the tips you see trending and what gurus have helped you get to your goals. We know how hard it is to find like minded folk - people who can and want to invest with you, who need the same information you are looking for and who can indulge in the same incredible experiences as you.

Our Club is not just about meeting, it is also about forming a community, where your unique voice can be heard to which people will listen, where you can form bonds, build relationships and benefit from each other. We want to broaden your horizons - so that you feel secure in your knowledge, safe in your world, and satisfied with you circumstances.

Our Club Events are exclusive to our UHNW members.



Corporate & Advisor Tools

Our Corporate and Individual Adviser Members can use BConnectClub tools to win business. Everyone who serves private clients has two very valuable resources; their clients and their network. To win business you simply need to connect and keep in contact on a regular basis with both of them. The BConnectClub tools saves you time and money by keeping you in contact which is how you win business - simply follow the three basic steps outlined below.


Craft Your Message

Everyone has some news to share with clients and network. Simply write about it in a post.  Don't be shy, people want to hear your stories. Make it interesting; - if educational, not too technical, - if factual, make it real with case studies, (but do not disclose confidences) - and if it is about you, make it upbeat.

Upload your client and contact details onto your private, personal profile page and then you are ready to go.  Ping your post off;  it can connect you with your clients, keep you in contact with colleagues, and alert acquaintances of your products and services - at a click of a switch from the comfort of your home or office. 

You can at the same time increase awareness of what you are up to. Easy - publish your posts on our BConnectClub home page which will be seen by our UHNW members and your industry colleagues, watch how many people like, share and follow you - and reciprocate. To win business has never been so easy or so much fun - you can start by subscribing to join the club.


Build Your Brand

You have a brand, an image, a voice - make sure people can find you by subscribing to join our Club. You then need to complete and fill out your profile, upload images and write posts about your investments, news, views and personal updates. 

Draw others to your brand by liking their posts, sharing them with your clients, contacts and colleagues from your own personal and private address book on your own profile page.

If you share, you care; you connect with clients, keep up with colleagues and alert acquaintances. As you increase touches, you build trust by being seen you win business - easy - you can start now by subscribing to join our Club.


Enhance Your Network

Everyone who serves the UHNW community has two very valuable resources - their clients and their contacts. To keep in touch with them all is easy - simply upload their contact details on your private, personal address book on your profile page and share your posts with one, more or all of your connections.

Every time you meet someone new don't dump their details in a drawer, upload their name and e mail address onto your personal, profile address book and ping them one of your posts with a personal message 'Good to see you last night - thought you may find it interesting to see what I do for my clients'. 

Networking with BConnectClub saves time, increases touches, builds trust and brings in business, no waste, no expense, no brainer - you can start now by subscribing to join our club!

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