BConnectClub is a social media platform designed to connect wealthy families (HNW members) and their family offices with exclusive deals, luxury products, and professional information; advice and relevant facts they need. We provide a one stop shop where our HNW members and their family offices can find what they need and want; – an online shopping centre for deals, luxury products and relevant professional information. 

BConnectClub also enables our Corporate and Individuals Advisers to connect and market to their personal and exclusive referral contacts and loyal following; networking online.

The concept was born out of Caroline Garnham’s (BConnectClub’s founder) extensive experience in serving high net worth and ultra-high net worth families throughout her career as a leading private client lawyer. 

She wanted to change those things which frustrate her and her clients, which are as follow.

Frustrations of a HNW family

  1. Fees – Every deal, every product, every word of advice is paid for. HNW families need to have a place where they can find exclusive deals, amazing products, find out who does what, news, views, case studies and updates relevant to them -  for FREE. 
  2. Service – Many HNW families new into wealth or who have been wealthy for generations, want to compare and contrast deals, products and opinions from a variety of providers. They want to choose an adviser best suited to their personal position. So often the only deal, product and opinion they hear is from their existing team, which isn’t always right for their specific requirements.
  3. Care – So many HNW families feel that their team does not care for them, its only concern is how much money it can make. All clients should feel special, and their unique circumstances and wishes need to be listened to. Our Corporate and Individual Members are in business to care for their clients, they want to educate them so that they can make informed decisions as to who and why to invest in deals, but luxury products and chose the right adviser for their unique personal circumstances.  

Frustrations of a deal promoter, luxury product provider and an adviser

  1. How to reach this audience which wishes to remain private
  2. How to keep up with many thousands of professional adviser contacts without wasting time
  3. How to connect with colleagues within the same organization at the click of a button
  4. How to build trust with existing and prospective clients

BConnect Club exists to join up lots of currently distant and hard to reach dots. We give our families access to deals, products and services they would otherwise not find, and, to our Corporate and Individual Member better opportunities to promote their deals, products and services, a tool to network and create powerful referral partnerships. 

More and more HNW families worldwide are seeking to invest, buy and engage with service providers – direct – BConnectClub is here to assist.